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Clean Room

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Clean Room

We undertake Clean room projects to deliver partition panel, quality metallic doors.  We have extensive experience in designing and engineering custom cleanrooms to meet unique and stringent requirements for pharmaceutical, medical and industrial cleanroom clients. Our engineering team undertakes the designing and provides complete design specifications.

  • Class 100, class 1000, class 10k, class 100k  cleanrooms
  • Hardwall and softwall
  • Floors, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, structural, temperature and RH  control
Cleanroom Design Capabilities:

Ekaggo Air tech  has extensive experience designing and engineering custom cleanrooms to unique and strict requirements for pharmaceutical, medical device and industrial cleanroom clients. Our design team creates and provides complete design specifications for each project

Custom design based on:
GMP requirements
Product flows
Personnel flows
Cleaning protocols
Process heat load
Exhaust requirements
T/RH requirements
Design capabilities:
Architectural design
Plenum / HEPA FFU / Returns
Modular, softwall, standard, hybrid
Team has 150 years cleanroom experience
License General Contractor
Cleanroom Engineering:
  • Professional engineers.
  • AUTOCAD Designs.
  • Drawings and engineering calculations for permits.
Construction Options:
  • Modular, standard, softwall and hybrid.
  • Custom equipment enclosures.
  • Glass panel walls.
  • Wipe down, wash down, non-combustible, fire-rated, and insulated wall construction.
Filter Options:
  • Negative pressure plenum with HEPA FFU, Open plenum with mixing boxes, ducted with static HEPA.
  • Positive and negative pressure rooms.
  • Exhaust systems – standard and BIBO.
  • We have extensive experience working with end-users, general contractors, architects and engineering firms.
Cleanroom Engineering Capabilities:
  • Drawing and Engineering calculations for permits
  • Professional Engineer review and stamp
  • AUTOCAD electronic design files
  • Cleanroom air turnover / cleanroom class
  • Make-up and exhaust air balance
  • Positive and negative pressure requirements
  • Contamination capture or exhaust
  • Heat Load : temperature and humidity control
  • Lighting requirements
  • Electrical load
  • LEED green design
  • Energy conservation systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Shop drawing
  • Construction schedule
  • Bill of Material
  • Final as built cleanroom class certification