Hepa Filter Housing Box

Hepa Filter Housing Box

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We are Supplier of HEPA Filter Housing Box. We manufacture Standard and Custom dimensions of HEPA Filter Housing Box.
Ceiling mounted HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters provide 99.99% efficiency in removing particles 0.3 microns or larger. HEPA filters are evenly distributed across the cleanroom ceiling in sufficient quantities to meet the particular ISO cleanliness standards. HEPA filters can also be grouped or concentrated over your cleanroom to provide a special clean zone.
A typical HEPA filter is a nominal 2' x 4' lay-in type, 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron particle size, hermetically sealed, ducted aluminum terminal units. Each unit has an upstream sample port, protective painted aluminum face screen, perforated adjustable damper, and ducted collar.

Suitable Size For Filters :

  • 1 Ft.x1 Ft. x 6 Inch to 2Ft.x 2 Ft. x 12 Inch. 
  • 1Ft. x 1Ft. x 12Inch